Company: The International Society of Nephrology

Location: Worldwide

CloseDate: Applications are open year-round to ISN members from LIC, LMIC, and UMIC


Renal centers around the world can apply to the Educational Ambassadors (EA) Program to receive expert guidance and hands-on training to advance new initiatives, skills or services, and community-based research or screening programs.

For up to four weeks, ISN Educational Ambassadors advise on clinical cases and research addressing dialysis, interventional nephrology, renal pathology, transplantation, and peritoneal dialysis to improve clinical care as well as the confidence of professionals, including nurses and technicians, and the quality of life and survival rate of patients.

A potential long-term interaction between the host center and the ISN Educational Ambassador is encouraged to extend the mentorship and foster the possibility of further training through additional ISN Programs



• Local host institution: Any institution in a lower, lower-middle, and upper-middle income country according to World Bank classification can apply for an expert to deliver specific training provided the criteria below are met:
a) main representative at host center must be an ISN member in good standing
b) Adhere to the Declaration of Istanbul
c) Have contact with an expert (Ambassador) who will deliver the training.

• Experts/Educational Ambassadors: Any expert in the field of training needed can act as an ISN Educational Ambassadors provided that:
a) He/she is an ISN member in good standing
b) He/she is an expert in a defined area of renal medicine documented by publications in peer-reviewed journals
c) He/she has active faculty appointments at accredited institutions
d) He/she adheres to the Declaration of Istanbul
e) He/she is ready to teach for up to 1 to 4 weeks in a developing nephrology center.

Important notes:
1. Experts (Educational Ambassadors) can be physicians, nurses and/or technicians. It is however a requirement that the first visit is led by a nephrologist, and allied professionals are welcome to travel by themselves for the follow-up visits.
2. Emerging centers who require the visit of an expert can either suggest someone they know already or ask the ISN Headquarters to match their request with an available ISN Educational Ambassador qualified in the field of training required. The Committee places value on the fit of the proposed

Ambassador with local needs in terms of sustainability and is increasingly requesting that local or regional experts be invited as Educational Ambassadors. For more details, please contact